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At MIX Pharmacy, we are dedicated to assisting our clients in navigating the complexity of healthcare while allowing them to focus on what matters most to them — providing in-home products and services. While recovering from illness, pain, or surgery, our reliable supply allows home health care clients to live as independently as possible. It provides easy transitions and supplies for them to return home, allowing them to restore strength and improve their quality of life. As an expert supplier, we assist Home Care providers in managing their patients’ conditions and ensuring that they remain secure in their own homes. Physicians, hospital discharge coordinators, home health services, and healthcare organizations are the most common sources of referrals.

Home Health Agency Pharmacy Services We Offer:

Because we recognize that no two facilities are the same, the services we provide are tailored to meet the unique requirements of each.

Our pharmacy and partners offer the following medications and therapies:

Area We Covered

MIX Pharmacy services are offered in all of Southern California’s main cities. We are completely licensed and provide pharmacy, assisted living, and hospice services in the blue locations on the map. Please contact us for the best pharmacy services, regardless of where you live, as we are always increasing our organization.

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A few drug treatments are probably risky if you omit even one dose every day. So, it’s a time to get your prescription now. With MIX Pharmacy, Choose the best Refill options. You can CALL us at  818-798-3833 or send us an email: mixpharmacyla@gmail.com

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