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Nursing homes today face a unique challenge in managing the care of their residents, in part because of the issues surrounding accessible psychiatric care. Many residents are also in physical decline and with the added hardship of fading mental stamina, a simple errand to the pharmacy for the drugs that can help to stabilize these issues, can become very daunting. There is still a need to support these individuals and in today’s digital age, there is now a viable solution.

“We are committing to providing exceptional care to improve the quality of life of our patients, restore their health, and reduce the burden of mental health and psychiatric issues.”

MIX Pharmacy model is one that can improve the quality of life for aging patients, by relieving them of the undue burden and stress of managing their medications alone. MIX Pharmacy is committed to supporting the community, by providing a service to patients – through their hospital or hospice care provider. We manage medications and provide exceptional care from the moment a doctor prescribes a medication to the moment of delivery.

The Benefits of Using MIX Pharmacy for Psychiatric Medications

At MIX Pharmacy, we seamlessly collaborate with hospital discharge planners through our innovative “Med to Bed” program. This streamlined approach involves receiving prescriptions and schedules directly from the hospital, enabling us to deliver medications promptly to patients’ homes. Our commitment extends beyond traditional boundaries, as we ensure patients have their medications in hand before leaving the hospital, safeguarding the continuity of their treatment regimen. Recognizing the critical importance of timely medication administration, we prioritize delivering medications punctually to hospital settings, ensuring that patients never miss a dose. Moreover, our unwavering support persists beyond discharge, as we remain readily available to provide the next dose of medication whenever patients require it. Our dedication to excellence also extends to Skilled Nursing Facilities, where we set an impressive standard by delivering new prescriptions within 3-4 hours and refills within 24 hours, reaffirming our commitment to enhancing patient care at every step.

Prescription Fulfillment, 24-Hour Pharmacist
Consultation, Fast Delivery & Support

We have streamlined the entire process of psychiatric pharmaceutical fulfillment, ensuring that your patients have the psychiatric meds they need in a timely fashion.


Your doctor sends a prescription directly to MIX Pharmacy.


MIX Pharmacy verifies the prescription and confirms your health information.

Prior Authorization

MIX Pharmacy coordinates with health insurance companies to arrange prior authorization if required.

Fast Delivery

Your prescription is delivered right on schedule, directly to you.

Instant Support

You receive ongoing treatment advice, education, monitoring and support.

Unlike a traditional clinical pharmacy, our psychiatric pharmacy is run by pharmacists who specialize in mental health – this not only streamlines the process, but also allows our staff to remain focused on providing the most dedicated care to our patients.

By streamlining the process of fulfilling prescriptions at a psychiatric pharmacy, we are also able to ensure that patients are receiving their medications in the most expeditious manner.

How Our Psychiatric Pharmacists Help Support Health Professionals

Improving outcomes for patients with mental illness and psychiatric disorders

Because we work faster and more efficiently than most pharmacies, MIX Pharmacy is better equipped to help patients with mental illness and psychiatric disorders by getting them the medications they need when they need them. MIX Pharmacy’s psychiatric pharmacists provide direct patient care, including treatment assessment and medication management. Meaning, our pharmacists are able to monitor a patient to determine whether or not there are any potential adverse drug reactions and interactions.

Our Process

MIX Pharmacy first receives a prescription from your doctor. Next, a MIX pharmacist checks to make sure that the medication prescribed aligns with your condition and current state of health. Then, MIX Pharmacy coordinates with your health insurance to be sure of coordinating any prior authorizations (if applicable). Then, the medication is sent directly to you. MIX works directly with hospitals and clinics, receiving orders from a warehouse and delivering them to patients and/or clinics.

Support for Side Effects

MIX Pharmacy provides customers with 24/7 support so that any potential side effects can be monitored and managed.

Why Choose Us?

MIX Pharmacy offers one-on-one 24/7 support with qualified pharmacists specialized in psychiatric medications, which means you have access to someone familiar with your condition, mental health concerns, and your proposed treatment all the time. At MIX Pharmacy we understand that managing your medications is only half the battle. 

Patient-Centered, Cost-Effective 

MIX Pharmacy is a cost-effective solution to managing your mental health and not only do we offer medication management reviews, but our customized medication packaging options are only one part of our individualized patient care. We are committed to providing accurate, fast, cost-effective, and competent board and care services to the facilities provide our services to. MIX Pharmacy is evolving with the changing therapeutic landscape, treatment developments, and the new ways to best provide patients with the support they deserve. 

MIX Pharmacy is conveniently located in Southern California, serving Los Angeles, Riverside, Orange, San Bernardino, and Ventura Counties. Make your neighborhood pharmacy MIX Pharmacy with our convenient online shop! 

Support, Training & Sponsorship 

MIX Pharmacy sponsors hospitals and facilities for their annual events. 

Refill Management and Delivery 

As part of MIX Pharmacy promise, our service always includes auto-refill management. With our auto-refill and monitoring tracking system, we guarantee correct refills and we are confident that no patient will be left without the medications they need.

Enhanced Services

Delivery & Support

Same Day Delivery

RAPID: 3 hours

STAT: 2-4 hours

24/7 Direct Contact with Pharmacist

Access 24/7 customer support via HIPAA-compliant texting, instant messaging, instant messaging, phone support.

Our Services

Clinical Support and Medication Supply

At MIX Pharmacy we offer clinical support and medication supply so that you can get answers and a resolution through direct prescription - all in one place!

Customized Option

Unlike our competitors, at MIX Pharmacy, we offer customized individual packaging options because your care is highly personal.

Personalized Medication Plans

Pricing at MIX Pharmacy is reasonable - call now for a free estimate. Learn which personalized medication plan is best suited to your needs.

Medication Management Reviews

At MIX Pharmacy, we offer reviews of our medications, so you can get a sense of what your expectations should be ahead of time.

Scheduled Delivery Services

When you join MIX Pharmacy you can assign your delivery services to fit your schedule.

Medication Advisory Committee Support

At MIX Pharmacy, we take patient care seriously. Our medication advisory committee will guide you to the best treatment option available for your condition.

Onsite Staff Training and Support

We provide onsite staff training for Skilled Nursing Facilities.

24/7 Access

At MIX Pharmacy we offer 24/7 specialized clinical support from a psychiatric pharmacist which means advice and access to the right medication is at your fingertips.

Script Management Solutions

MIX Pharmacy offers script management solutions for doctors - our personalized care solution provides direct support to patients who may have difficulty taking their care into their own hands. We manage the prescriptions right from the start!

Assistance with AACQA Accreditation Standards Compliance

MIX Pharmacy offers assistance with AACQA Accreditation Standards and ensures compliance with all relevant legislation and regulatory requirements.

On-Site Rehabilitation and Therapy Services

MIX Pharmacy also offers rehabilitation and therapy services on site, because we believe that caring for our patients is more than just consultation.

Full-Service Billing Department

MIX Pharmacy’s billing department is happy to answer any queries and insurance questions and is available Monday-Friday 9am-5pm to respond to your inquiries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Being a pharmacist involves having the ability to understand and treat a patient in the same way that a psychiatrist does – as a whole person, by honoring background health information, and by having the knowledge and skills necessary in order to incorporate empathy, compassion, and understanding into daily patient care.

The 2 main types of psychiatric medications are antidepressants and antipsychotics.

A psychiatric pharmacist’s main role is to implement a treatment plan for patients with mental illness such as bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and depression and to ensure that a patient’s hesitations and expectations are addressed and managed. This initiation into the therapeutic treatment is meant to improve the patient’s understanding and attitude toward taking their necessary medications.

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