Pharmacy Services for RCFE (Residential Care Facility For The Elderly)

To the facilities we serve, we strive to provide accurate, fast, cost-effective, and competent board and care services. Our services are based on a best-practice approach that is always evolving in response to the changing therapeutic landscape, treatment developments, and the best ways to give care to patients.

Customization is critical in assisting each board and care facility in streamlining its prescription process. Based on the preferences of your residents and staff, our logistics department will build up a delivery system that works best for your facility. We can schedule non-emergency deliveries within a certain time frame to ensure that your facility runs smoothly and that your residents are as comfortable as possible. Blister packs, compliance packaging, and our exclusive approach with pre-sorted, time-stamped medication packets are all available as customizable medicine packaging choices.

Our service always includes refill management. We guarantee quick and correct refills thanks to our refill monitoring and tracking system. No patient is left without the medicine they need.

Services We Offer :

Because we recognize that no two facilities are the same, the services we provide are tailored to meet the unique requirements of each.

How MIX Pharmacy can Help?

Area We Covered

MIX Pharmacy services are offered in all of Southern California’s main cities. We are completely licensed and provide pharmacy, assisted living, and hospice services in the blue locations on the map. Please contact us for the best pharmacy services, regardless of where you live, as we are always increasing our organization.

Make Sure You Don't Run Out!

A few drug treatments are probably risky if you omit even one dose every day. So, it’s a time to get your prescription now. With MIX Pharmacy, Choose the best Refill options. You can CALL us at  818-798-3833 or send us an email:

What We Provide You

Reliable Delivery

Our extensive stock of medical supplies and drugs means that everything you need will be promptly delivered with tracking capabilities so you’ll always know where your order is.

Resident Support

With a single dedicated point of contact, residents can rest assured knowing that they are speaking to someone who understands their individual situation and can provide them with the help they need to better understand their medication or bills.

Customized Medication Packaging

Our medication packaging is customizable to suit the needs of each individual patient. We offer blister packaging as well as easy-to-use strip packaging sorted by the dose and designed to reduce the risk of inaccurate dispensing.

Quick Delivery Service

We’ll ensure you get your medications on time and at reasonable cost. Order your medicines today and see the difference as We Care for you!

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