Pharmacy Services for Hospitals

MIX Pharmacy is a Southern California-based pharmacy that provides services to long-term care institutions and hospitals. We make constant value for our clients and the patients they care for by focusing on customized service and the highest standard of patient care. We provide quality, cost-effective pharmacy solutions, powered by a team with years of industry knowledge and world-class organizational skills.

Patients and providers typically find specialty drugs to be costly and difficult to manage. Our pharmacists and liaisons are integrated into health systems to deliver the individualized, greater care that patients require to start and prolong medication.

MIX Hospital Pharmacy Services provides pharmacy services to a variety of hospitals, rehabilitation centers, long-term acute care hospitals, behavioral health hospitals, and other specialty care facilities across the state. We help hospitals provide superior care, manage costs, maintain compliance with state and federal regulations, and boost efficiency by providing industry-leading pharmacy services and resources administered by qualified pharmacists and business professionals.

Why Do You Need to Choose Our Services?

The MIX Pharmacy collaborates with health systems to provide patients with integrated specialty pharmacy care including: 

Outstanding Customer Service

At MIX Pharmacy Services, we always answer your calls. Customers can access a competent representative 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays. We’re here to provide total support to your personnel so that they can enjoy phoning the pharmacy once more! We guarantee that customers will get answers rather than irritation.

Dispensing with Confidence

Every order is double-checked for accuracy, and every prescription is triple-checked to ensure that the drug and dose are correct.

On-Time Delivery

Our Pharmacy Services utilizes a courier provider with whom we have a long-standing relationship. The consistency of the courier team ensures that delivery professionals arriving at your business have been thoroughly trained and will immediately become acquainted with your facility and employees. 

Accurate Billing

Our knowledgeable billing team is committed to acquiring P.A.s and T.A.R.s. Your residents and their family will appreciate it if you take the time to conduct it correctly the first time.

Area We Covered

MIX Pharmacy services are offered in all of Southern California’s main cities. We are completely licensed and provide pharmacy, assisted living, and hospice services in the blue locations on the map. Please contact us for the best pharmacy services, regardless of where you live, as we are always increasing our organization.

Make Sure You Don't Run Out!

A few drug treatments are probably risky if you omit even one dose every day. So, it’s a time to get your prescription now. With MIX Pharmacy, Choose the best Refill options. You can CALL us at  818-798-3833 or send us an email:

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