Hospice Pharmacy Services

Patients and families battling advanced, life-limiting illnesses receive skilled care and support from hospice. At MIX pharmacy, we focus on your patient’s goals and specific preferences particularly pain reduction and symptom management so that they can live more comfortably and have a better quality of life. We can collaborate with the hospice service to create completely personalized hospice and palliative medicine plans.

We deliver critical pharmacy services to frontline hospice practitioners, allowing them to better serve hospice patients and provide higher quality and end-of-life care. 

Our hospice pharmacy services entail a collaborative approach to skilled medical treatment and  pain management best suited to the desires and needs. 

What Makes MIX Pharmacy Hospice Care Special?

Medical supplies are available to assist hospice care. Medication is indeed an important element of hospice care, as it can help with pain, shortness of breath, anxiety, and nausea, among other things.

Services We Provide for Hospice Care Facilities:

We employ years of experience and expertise as an ambassador for our hospice clients through a variety of services. Our thorough, inventive, and flexible strategy can eventually improve patient care, worker happiness, and cost reduction while also enhancing regulatory compliance. We can all work together to support one of the most vulnerable patient populations.

The staff at MIX Pharmacy wants to give you the power to make your own decisions about your care and assistance. The team acts as your advocate, assisting you in obtaining the information and resources you require during this difficult time. 

Palliative Care
Custom E-Kits

We can create a unique comfort kit (E-Kit) for each patient or set a standard for your hospice in the treatment of Pain, shortness of breath, anxiety/restlessness, excessive secretions, fever, nausea & vomiting, constipation, etc. 

Specialized Reports

MIX Pharmacy provides several reports that include medicine name, usage, and expenses to enable each hospice to keep track of its patients’ prescription usage. This enables the hospice to keep track of their patients’ progress while adhering to various standards of care.

To assist keep your hospice in accordance, our internet connectivity allows users to download reports in real time.

Formulary Management

Hospice patients have special requirements, and we help hospices meet those needs by providing an up-to-date hospice medicine formulary structured by medical state.

MIX Pharmacy staff has been educated to deliver the most current clinical information for all drugs and disease conditions. All drug usage will be monitored, as well as drug-drug interactions and drug disease state contraindications. Based on our practical care and many years of experience, we are able to offer guidance. Every hospice is different, thus we can adapt during the setup stage while still adhering to the rules.

Death With Dignity

We assist in the process of assisting specific persons who lawfully want an end-of-life choice. 

We arrange and assist individuals in obtaining drugs from their doctors that allow them to die peacefully and respectfully. 

Customer Service

Our pharmacy solutions are accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week to provide the medication needed as per the needs. The  medicines will be delivered to the doors. If necessary, we would compound drugs to meet the needs. If requested, would also bubble-pack medications. A pharmacist is accessible to answer any questions you may have.

Infusion Therapy

Your hospice patients can receive IV hydration and certain IV therapies from us.

Why Choose MIX Pharmacy As Your Hospice Pharmacy?

We strive to provide a complete solution to hospices across the state.  Our pharmacy services are unique because they are based on decades of experience and we’ve figured out rightly what works and what doesn’t.

Hospice Pharmacy

We concentrate on providing excellent patient care, assisting hospices and nurses in becoming more efficient through innovation, and helping hospice management improve their financial performance. Thus we work with you as a dedicated pharmacy to provide comprehensive medication management for all of your patients’ needs.

Pain medicine strengths can be fully customized

Many times, the typical strengths of pain drugs aren’t potent enough in a hospice situation. We can build a bespoke pain medication strength for your loved ones so that they are entirely at ease while receiving hospice care.


Some hospice patients have a strong dislike for specific flavors, like sweet. When the commercial preparations aren’t appealing to them, we can prepare our own.

Transdermal delivery systems

These are used to avoid painful injections in patients who are unable to take their prescriptions, as well as to reduce nausea associated with taking some medications orally.

Unavailable medications

The modern healthcare system is worsened by a medicine shortage. Manufacturers frequently do not provide sufficient quantities of medicine, and alternatives are ineffectual for your loved one. We can create the drugs for you from the raw materials in certain cases.

Area We Covered

MIX Pharmacy services are offered in all of Southern California’s main cities. We are completely licensed and provide pharmacy, assisted living, and hospice services in the blue locations on the map. Please contact us for the best pharmacy services, regardless of where you live, as we are always increasing our organization.

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